Why Renters Rent from us

10 Reasons To Rent Your Home With Us 10 Reasons To Rent Your Home With Us!

  1. We offer an exclusive Sensational Rental Placement Service where Specialists are here to help you find your rental property, help with your application, and help negotiate your rental terms for you. The cost is only $200 for this exclusive placement service. Our Specialists are licensed and able to show you all the rental properties in the Triangle area.
  2. Renter satisfaction is our specialty. As your property managers, we take care of our renters, addressing your concerns and meeting your needs, so you can have a frustration-free rental experience with us. We provide personal attention, keeping you informed of all your responsibilities during your rental period.
  3. We have an easy application process. No up-front application fees, just fill out the easy application, get prequalified for the rental and when approved, pay the $50 application fee before signing your new lease. No trouble, no hold ups, no hassles.
  4. Good communication between you and your Property Manager is key to having a great rental experience. We are available by both email and phone to help you with any difficulty or concerns you might have.
  5. Repairs are a breeze – our rental homes are covered by a home warranty. If there is ever a system failure at the property, you call the warranty company and get service scheduled immediately.
  6. Short term rental options are available with some of our properties. Timing is everything when you want to purchase a home in the future. We try to tailor your lease with your future home purchase needs in mind.
  7. Replacement renter programs are available, if timing or circumstances change for you. Maybe your credit improves or your dream house becomes available. We try to help you find a replacement renter, allowing you to move on. We try to make the process seamless with no financial consequences to you.
  8. We often have Option To Buy homes available for you. Check with us to see what we have and how we can help you get into a rental home with an option to buy, so you can own the home someday.
  9. Need credit repair? Rent with us while you repair your credit. We have credit repair specialists standing by to help, so you will be ready to buy a home in the future.
  10. Poor Credit? We can still help get you into a home by pre-paying additional months’ rent in some cases. All applicants are subject to the landlord’s final approval.