Why Choose Us?

Why Choose UsThe most important decision you will make in the renting of your property is the hiring of the best, most competent property manager. There are so many things to know and understand when renting your property. This is why an expert in property management is vital to your success. Glen Frederich is a rental specialist and marketing expert, with a proven track record of success for his landlord clients. Glen has been working to protect his client landlord’s investments for over five years in the Raleigh & Triangle market. He has worked tirelessly to add more and more value to his property management services. Glen is simply the best at what he does. You need a property manager who is competent, someone who cares about you and your investment. You can trust Glen and his team to get your home rented successfully. You will like him and the way he works for you. Glen is worth his fairly priced commission. His record of successful rents and satisfied clients show that he is the one to hire when renting your home. Invite him for a FREE, no obligation property management consultation to learn all about how he can put his expertise and success to work for you!