Property Management with Sensational Realty is a breeze!

You’re not alone in your fears as a homeowner about renting your property!

Some commonly asked questions are:

  • How does Sensational Realty find a renter?
  • How do we insure that your investment property will not get ruined or destroyed?
  • How do we insure that a renter pays on time?
  • Will the renter need to call me for anything?
  • How do I receive my rental proceeds?
  • What services and value do you provide and what do you charge for them?

For Answers To These Questions And More Read On

Property Evaluation

  • Exclusive rental feasibility study to best recommend your optimal rental income
  • Suggest any property improvements to help obtain the highest rental income

Property Marketing

  • Property marketing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS),, Craigs List and many other internet sites
  • Exclusive rental listing on
  • On-site solar light sign with professionally installed sign post
  • On-site information box and sheets with description, features and pictures of the property

Tenant Screening & Finding

  • Property showings and appointments made for prospective tenants
  • Prequalifyprospective tenants with detailed application and thorough credit check process
  • Exclusive Standards of Practice policies to further qualify prospective tenants

Tenant Relations

  • Personal attention to tenant’s needs
  • Inform tenant of all responsibilities and procedures during their rental period
  • Provide tenant with a rental information sheet
  • Available for tenant concerns by e-mail and/or phone as necessary
  • Work to maintain tenant satisfaction through addressing concerns or questions immediately
  • Holiday visits and gift presented on behalf of the property homeowner


  • Maintain home warranty repair services for the property
  • Maintain reliable and competitive handymen for any property maintenance needed
  • Authorize and arrange necessary repairs and maintenance
  • Solicit proposals and quotes for any major repair expenditures
  • Provide 24-hour emergency maintenance services


  • Move-in tenant property condition inspection form
  • Move-out condition inspection & security disbursment
  • Twice a year property inspection

Rent Collection & Accounting

  • On time rent collection so homeowners proceeds are not delayed
  • Timely deposit and clearing of rental checks
  • Payment of any repair and maintenance invoices (as agreed upon by homeowner)
  • Monthly Property Management Statements
  • Maintain security deposits & trust accounts per North Carolina state and real estate commission laws
  • Provide homeowner with year-end 1099 rental income forms
  • Eviction processing handled on behalf of the owner if necessary


  • Sensational Realty property management fee is 8% of the gross rental income
  • $80.00 minimum property management fee
  • Marketing fee of $200.00 for new tenants
  • No first month’s rent fee
  • $400 commission to placing broker or SRI supervisor

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