Elise Frederich

EliseOne of the most important lessons I learned growing up in Massachusetts was that if you were honest, hardworking, and treated others fairly, you would be successful no matter what you did. I was also fortunate to be blessed with a caring and giving heart and a positive outlook on life. Helping others and putting their needs first brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

I have a lot of experience that you can take advantage of – first as Operations Manager of Coldwell Banker HPW Builder Services, and now as Chief Operating Officer at Sensational Realty. All of my experience goes right to work for my clients. My clients are confident that I will always be working hard to protect their best interests, acting with integrity and the utmost care. They know that I will use my skill and knowledge of the home buyer’s market to get them the most value for their hard earned money and that I will negotiate for them as if it were my own money.

And last, but not least, I strive to build lasting relationships with my clients, beyond the closing table. They know I am just a phone call away!

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