The most important decision you will make in the sale of your home is the hiring of the best, most competent and qualified real estate professional to partner with you. There are so many things to know and understand when selling your home. This is why an expert in the art of real estate sales and marketing is vital to your success. Glen Frederich is a listing specialist and marketing expert, with a proven track record of success.

10 Steps to Selling Your Home

10 Steps To Sell Your Home

  1. Set your timeframe and expectations for the sale of your home
  2. Prepare your house by completing all repairs
  3. Stage your house properly for buyer’s eyes
  4. Have a professional photo shoot
  5. Set the very best asking price for your home
  6. Prepare all your marketing documents and paperwork
  7. Market your home effectively and properly
  8. Achieve total market exposure of your property
  9. Dialog with interested buyers, answering all questions
  10. Prepare contracts and negotiate the sale
  11. Navigate the path to the closing table

Top 10 Seller Mistakes

Top 10 Seller Mistakes

  1. Not fixing everything in preparation
  2. Not staging the house properly
  3. Poor curb appeal
  4. Having false expectations about the sale
  5. Setting the wrong asking price to start
  6. Not keeping the house show ready
  7. Not properly handling pets during showings
  8. Limiting showings by interested buyers
  9. Not leaving the home during showings
  10. Not having a trusted advisor, master marketer, skilled negotiator, and expert administrator working at your side.

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