For Sale By Owner

for-sale-by-owner-signjpgIf you are selling and considering “For Sale by Owner”, know that we are here to help. We understand that you want to defend and save as much of your hard earned equity in your home as possible. We applaud you for wanting to give it a try on your own, and want you to get every penny of your hard earned investment for your next home purchase. FSBO is a very viable home selling system, and we’d like to encourage you towards SUCCESS

I am proud to say that I have worked with many FSBO’s and consider many my friends. Money is not our driving motivation at Sensational Realty, but rather providing our clients with great service and support. Let us help you sell your home on your own. If selling your home FSBO makes sense for you and can be successful for you, then go for it! We have FREE documentation required by NC law, and FREE FSBO signage you can use. We can offer some FREE advice on staging and pricing your home effectively. Contact us for a FREE, no obligation phone or home consultation, and we wish you the best of success in the sale of your home.

Request a Free FSBO Sign & Marketing Plan

For Sale By OwnerWe will be happy to provide you with a FREE For Sale By Owner sign for your yard, and marketing plan specifically designed for you to help give you your best chance as a FSBO seller. No catches, no commitments, FREE! Just contact us, we are here to help you be successful.

Request The Free Documents You Need To Sell FSBO

The State of North Carolina requires certain documents be filled out by home sellers and provided to the buyers prior to them making an offer. The NC Property Disclosure document is important for your protection through proper disclosure and to help secure a contract for the sale of your home. We are happy to provide you with this information FREE, to help give you your best chance as a FSBO seller. No catches, no commitments, FREE! Just contact us, we are here to help you be successful.

6 ThingsTo Do When Selling Your Home

Six Things To Do When Selling Your Home

  1. Place an ad in your local newspaper. Always include the area of town, the price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You may also increase the exposure of your home by placing your ad on various Internet websites. Consider advertising in local publications.
  2. Design a flyer or brochure for your property. A photo and description of your home is important for buyers that stop to look at your home.
  3. Know at least three different methods available to finance the sale of your home. Assumable loan, seller financing, variable rate loan, adjustable rate loan and a fixed rate loan are good examples. Buyers want to know the total cash down payment, including closing costs, and monthly payments. What are the current market interest rates and points on fixed and adjustable rate loans?
  4. Know your current annual taxes and homeowner insurance premium amounts. Buyers ask a lot of questions about your home, so have the information ready.
  5. Consider having an appraisal done on your home to determine the current value. Buyers typically offer less than you are asking because they know a savings of the commission is often built into the price. You are trying to save the commission and so are they. You need to know what the fair market value of your home is.
  6. When a prospective buyer visits your home follow these guidelines:
    • Set appointments at their convenience
    • Make sure your home is ready to show at all times
    • Have your property brochures available
    • Introduce yourself at the front door
    • Let them tour the home with as much privacy as possible. Buyers feel uncomfortable making comments in your presence. When they complete the tour, ask them if they would like to go back for a second look. In the event you receive an offer from a buyer, have them put it in writing, including an earnest money deposit. Be prepared to pay an attorney to review the legalities of such a contract before signing.

Top 10 FSBO Mistakes

  1. Too little advertising and market exposure
  2. Not having proper signage displayed
  3. Poor curb appeal
  4. Staging and preparing your house incorrectly
  5. Setting the wrong asking price
  6. Not having state required documents on hand
  7. Not having an information sheet ready
  8. Not being prepared to go to contract with a buyer
  9. Showing your home incorrectly
  10. Not having a trusted advisor, master marketer, skilled negotiator,and expert administrator working at your side.

Advertise Me On The Triangle MLS

MLSThere are over 7000 agents associated with the TMLS system. This is a very good place to advertise to the agents who may have buyers for your home. Contact us about doing an entry only Triangle MLS advertisement for you